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Concertos (aka presentations) given at meetings of BACH

Note that there are not presenters at every meeting and not all presentations are recorded. Chronological gaps in the list below are intentional.

Each Concerto is © copyright the speaker, to whom all rights are reserved.

  BACH owes a debt of gratitude to Peter Hertzmann for editing the video of the presentations during 2022.
We are now seeking a volunteer to edit the videos of subsequent presentations. Please contact us via our Facebook page if you are able to help.


#1 04/14/2022  Peter Hertzmann Escoffier and a Spoonful of Umami   Peter Hertzmann, culinary historian and BACH member presents the first ever talk for BACH. He presents here his paper that was previously published in Petits Propos Culinaires #104.

#2 05/12/2022  Carolyn Tillie Travelling Silver for Those Not to the Manor Born   Carrie Tillie presents a dress rehersal of her upcoming presentation for the Oxford Food Symposium 2022, entitled "Travelling "Silver" for Those Not to the Manor Born: Old Sheffield Plate and Electroplated Silver in Travel Equipage and Cutlery from 1730 to the Belle Epoque."

#3 07/14/2022  Oliver Pollak Rebbetzins, faith and food - Simulcast virtual event on Zoom and in-person potluck   Oliver Pollak presents on the cookbook, The Jewish Home Beautiful and its relationship to the Conservative movement in America.

#4 08/11/2022  William Rubel Smoked Milk of Samburu tribe of Kenya   William Rubel describes the unique milk handling tradition of "smoked milk." He also presents the almost total collapse of the culture of the Samburu people as ecological devastation is wiping out their way of life.

#5 09/08/2022  Maryellen Burns A Taste for Comedy   Long before the first creamy custard pie was thrown in the face of Ben Turpin in the 1909 silent film Mr. Flip, food and comedy has been a staple of western literature and remains a mainstay of popular media. Maryellen Burns, writes about food in an often-humorous vein, and will guide us through some of history's most iconic comedic bits in which food takes center stage.

#6 10/13/2022  Shelley Handler Chez Panisse: Evergreen (the early days at Chez Panisse)   The early days of the seminal Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse and the way this restaurant helped to usher in the era of California Cuisine.

#7 12/08/2022  Richard Foss A Dickens Dinner - Video TBD     Charles Dickens’ unusual relationship to food.

#8 01/22/2023  Pam Elder Historic postcards from San Francisco restaurants - Video TBD   Rarely seen San Francisco restaurant postcards and a discussion of some of the changes that have happened to dining out over the past 150 years.

#9 02/26/2023  Donna Green-Tye All about the West Coast Culinary Symposium (WCCS) - Video TBD   Donna regaled us with stories from this year’s event, as well as exciting moments from years gone by. She also spoke about how the SCA and WCCS help to bring culinary history alive and add to our knowledge and understanding of early foodways.

#10 05/28/2023  Lizzie Stark Egg: A Dozen Ovatures   TBA - Stay tuned for details.

#11 06/25/2023  Ken Albala The Great Gelatin Revival: Savory Aspics, Jiggly Shots, and Outrageous Desserts   TBA - Stay tuned for details.

#12 07/23/2023  TBA TBA   TBA - Stay tuned for details.

#13 08/27/2023  TBA TBA   TBA - Stay tuned for details.


Each Concerto is © copyright the speaker, to whom all rights are reserved.

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